a 10 day transformation process in nature

from 14 of May to 24th of May of 2015  (german language)
from 28 of August to 7th of September of 2015 (english language)

Inspired by the ancestral Vision Quest rite of passage tradition, CREATE YOUR QUEST is an invitation for you to become silent, listen and reconnect with a deep understanding of your life’s purpose.

Are you ready to confirm a transition in life, looking for space to gain clarity over inner doubts, seeking focus on how to best make a difference in the world or simply wanting for time alone in nature?

This age-old practice serves to help discover what you are here for, what you can give and above all gain direction and power for life.

CREATE YOUR QUEST is a personalised transformation program including
individual online preparation, 10 days in a beautiful protected area of
the Alta Garrotxa Natural Park (Spanish Pyrenees) and follow up support.

  • Online guidance: one-to-one skype to help focus your intention and prepare for the Quest during the weeks before

  • Day 1 · Arrival. Program orientation, getting to know the group and facilitators.

  • Day 2-4 · Collective Intelligence. Sit in council, listen to the group’s wisdom, share personal stories, reconnect with ancient insights, undertake short assignments in nature, mindfulness practice through meditation and yoga and time to find your spot for the solo

  • Day 5-7 · Solo time. Maximum three days and nights alone in nature away from distractions of daily life, with time for celebration and confirmation of a deepened understanding of your place in the world. This is your time, you will know what you need.

  • Day 8-10 · Re-integration. Share your story in Council, being mirrored and witness the process  of others, define the next steps of your integration process back home.

  • Ongoing support · Before you leave we will create small groups to meet online or in person and support you when you go back to your life. Two months after the process we will meet again online or in person to further support the integration of your insights.

    Inspired by Joanna Macy, Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer and others this Program is particularly suited for people working towards social change in their professional lives, using nature’s great teacher to help discover how best we can contribute to this time of great transition by being true to our own purpose and calling.

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Training Program “Create Your Change Facilitator”: After your quest you have the possibility to attend our full training program. The Create Your Quest Program is module 1 of our training program. The course fee for the training program will be 100% reduced by the fee you have paid for the Quest program. The training program is only for german speaking participants. Full description at

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