What Our Participants Say (April 2014)


It’s difficult for me to put into words how your tight bonds, love for nature and passion for humanity has struck a very strong chord within me. I can’t say enough nice things about you all. Your team gets its blatantly obvious how much you all care about your Questers. You are an inspiration to many. Keep up the amazing, life changing work.” Joanie, Ireland.

 “Taking part in Create your Quest has been a really profound experience for me. Connecting to the land and to the unique story of each individual from our group within this safe framework, supported by guidance based on ancient wisdom has provided me many valuable insight and helped me to get in touch with myself in a deep and authentic way”, Réka, Hungary.

Going on a quest for me is visiting my own sanctuary, inner space, the place from which  my life is lived. Wwhile exploring the natural world, the intimate connection with the animals, the mountains, the trees, the stones… It brings profound insight into myself and makes clear what is needed for my wellbeing and my purpose,” Katrien, Belgium. 

Living Create your Quest was another turning point in my life. Feel home again with my sacred space, my values and my life purpose… it´s just life happening with all the intensity and peace in every moment.” Alexis, Argentina.

A magical place with magical people.  A place out of time that called me into the present. A land full of energy and power that was as welcoming as it was generous with its teachings. Thank you to the whole team for taking such good care of us and for holding the space during our processes. You have all been an inspiration. With love.“ Raed, Spain.

I was thinking of a Vision Quest for a long time and “Create your Quest” brought together all the ingredients I felt I needed to take the step into it. A competent and compassionate team, a dreamland mountain and the ability to bring together the right people at the right time. Guiding me gently, full of trust and a great sense of heart felt humour.” (Anonymous)

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