What to bring …

Here is a list of things you will need to bring with you to the camp to make sure you’re safe and comfortable for the activities you’ll encounter. If you have any questions about any of these items please get in touch.

For sleeping

Sleeping bag.
Sleeping mat or thermarest (this will be for the solo).
Small pillow – this is optional, but if you have space bring it along.
1 single bed sheet.
Torch – if you have a head torch this is ideal, make sure batteries are charged!

Clothes and shoes
Clothes for hot weather (e.g. t-shirts, shorts, underwear, socks).
2 pairs of long trousers (at least one pair comfortable for walking, i.e. not jeans)
2 long sleeved tops (e.g. sweatshirt or hoodie) it will be cooler at night.
Swimming clothes (e.g. board shorts, bikini, swimsuit).
Towel or sarong – if you can get a quick drying type these are very useful.
Light waterproof jacket – it sometimes rains in Garrotxa so this is important.


2 pairs of trainers – make sure they have a good grip as you’ll use these for trekking and climbing. One pair will get wet so you will need to have a spare and bring socks to avoid blisters.
Sandals or flipflops – to wear around the camp.

Other essentials

Water bottle –1.5 litre re-usable water bottle (ideally not plastic). Important this is 1.5 litres!
Washbag – just bring the essentials (e.g. toothbrush/paste, soap, deodorant), natural (chemical-free) products where possible and bring mosquito spray if you are prone to bites.
Personal medication – you will know if you need this.
Copy of medical insurance and/or national medical card.
Small back pack – for day trips, walking and climbing.

Optional extras
Camera – if you have one, don’t worry if you don´t, we do!
Books and drawing material – if you like reading, drawing, painting.
Musical instrument – if you have one and can transport it easily.
Music – you can also bring music on MP3 or ipod.

Something about you
Bring a small object that symbolises who you are and your personal uniqueness.
Bring a large back pack to pack everything into as this will be easier to carry to the camp.


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